Fraud Halt
EMHC Investment Corp

EMHC Investment Corp

Defaulted after 11 months of their obligation to fund a startup buisness

Refuses to refund money that was put in an escrow per our agreement. See email corespondents to my concerns at the beginning before i sent the deposit for the bond. This is also stated in our signed agreement.

Regarding your concerns,

Their will be no out of pocket expenses on your part other than the initial premium for bond. Once the bond is approved, “emhc” will allocate the additional premium for payment with any appraisal, architectural fees relative to your deal.

And if for some apparent reason you should not be approved, Because of some past adverse information not disclosed) escrow will be sent back to you fully, no exceptions…

Also any interest and fee negotiations will be discussed upon final approval. Not before. And typically if you do not like the terms presented, you have the right not to continue the transaction, and again your escrow will be returned in its entirety.

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